Ornate Tinamou (Nothoprocta ornata)

The Ornate Tinamou bird is a species that belongs to the family Tinamidae. It is a bird that is mostly found in the lowland regions of South America, including Bolivia, Brazil, Columbia, Ecuador, and Peru. This bird mostly inhabits the tropical rainforests and wooded areas, but it can also be found in marshes, savannas, and grasslands.

The Ornate Tinamou bird is a medium-sized bird, reaching up to 38 cm in length. It has a distinctive plumage, with a beautiful glossy black coat, adorned with white spots. The bird has a small head with reddish-brown eyes, a paler chin, and a gray bill with a slightly curved tip.

This bird is known for its shy and elusive nature, spending most of its time hiding in the undergrowth. Hence, it is not easy to spot the bird in the wild. However, the bird's presence is usually detected by its distinctive vocalizations at dawn and dusk. The Ornate Tinamou bird's call is a series of low-pitched "hoo-hoos" sound that is often heard from a distance.

The Ornate Tinamou bird's diet consists of fruits, seeds, insects, and small animals. It mainly feeds on the forest floor, using its bill to find food, including snails and other invertebrates. This bird is an essential disperser of seeds and plays an essential role in the growth of the forest ecosystem.

The Ornate Tinamou bird is of least concern in terms of conservation status, as it is widespread and has a stable population. However, deforestation, habitat loss, and hunting can be significant threats to its survival, especially in areas where large-scale agriculture and logging activities are taking place.

In conclusion, the Ornate Tinamou bird is a beautiful and fascinating bird that is well adapted to its habitat in South America. Its unique plumage, shy, and elusive nature make it a sought-after bird among birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts. While this bird is not classified as endangered, its conservation and protection are essential to maintain its role as a keystone species in the forest ecosystem.

Other names

Nothoprocta ornata



Ornate Tinamou

tinamú ornat



šarenokrili tinamu

tinama zdobená




Tinamou orné


Tinamo ornato


puošnusis stepinis tinamas


kusacz ozdobny


Украшенный степной тинаму

Ukrašeni tinamu

inambu ozdobný

Tinamú pisacca


Çil Tinamusu

інамбу рудогрудий