White-bellied Nothura (Nothura boraquira)

The White-bellied Nothura bird, also known by its scientific name Nothura boraquira, is a small bird species belonging to the Tinamidae family. They are widely found in the grasslands, savannas, and agricultural regions of South America, particularly in Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay. These birds have a distinct appearance, with a cinnamon-colored upper body and white underparts. Moreover, their small, round heads have brown feathers on the crown, and they have a black patch under the eye, which gives them their unique look.

White-bellied Nothura birds, like most tinamids, are secretive and shy. With their excellent camouflage, they can blend well into their surroundings, avoiding potential predators. They are ground-dwelling birds and prefer to run rather than fly. Their wings are short and muscular, which makes them efficient runners. Additionally, they have strong legs that are adapted to walking on uneven terrain and scratching the ground to find insects, seeds, and other small invertebrates.

These birds are mostly solitary animals, but during the breeding season, males will establish territories and attract females by displaying and vocalizing. Males will usually make a series of whistling calls to announce their presence and attract mates. Once a female is found, the pair will mate and build a shallow scrape in the ground where they will lay their eggs. The eggs are incubated for approximately 21 days before hatching into precocial chicks that are capable of walking and feeding themselves within hours of hatching.

Unfortunately, White-bellied Nothura birds are considered vulnerable to extinction. The destruction and fragmentation of their habitat due to land development, agriculture, and human settlement are the major threats to their population. Additionally, hunting and predation by domestic animals have also contributed to their decline. Conservation efforts are needed to preserve these beautiful birds and their habitat, including the creation of wildlife reserves, habitat restoration, and protection of key breeding areas. With proper conservation efforts, we can ensure the continued existence of this fascinating and unique bird species, the White-bellied Nothura.

Other names

Nothura boraquira



White-bellied Nothura

tinamú ventreblanc



prugastovrati tinamu

tinama pastvinná

Hvidbuget Vagteltinamu



Tinamou boraquira


Tinamo panciabianca


baltapilvė notura


kusacz białobrzuchy


Белобрюхий нотура

Belotrbi notura tinamu

inambu svetlobruchý

Tinamú ventriblanco

vitbukig tinamo

Ak Karınlı Tinamu

нотура білочеревий