Long-tailed Potoo (Nyctibius aethereus)

The Long-tailed Potoo bird is a unique species of bird found primarily in the Amazonian rainforests of South America. These birds, also known as the Rufous Potoo or the Poor-me-one, are known for their distinct nocturnal lifestyle and their unique appearance.

The Long-tailed Potoo bird has a large head with large eyes that are necessary for hunting in the dark. These birds have a feathers in mottled grey and reddish-brown coloration that allows them to blend in perfectly with the bark of trees during the day. At night, their distinctive calls can be heard echoing through the forest.

This bird is a master of camouflage, and it uses its feathers to blend into the background. When it feels threatened, it will remain extremely still, hoping to evade detection. This ability to remain undetected is crucial to their survival, as the Long-tailed Potoo face threats from predators like snakes and birds of prey.

Long-tailed Potoos are carnivorous and feed primarily on insects at night, such as moths, beetles, and spiders. They are also known to eat small birds and bats when they can catch them. As their primary prey are active at night, the Long-tailed Potoo has developed several adaptations to help it locate prey in the dark. These include a large, wide mouth that allows it to catch insects mid-flight and large, sharp claws that help it grasp and hold onto prey.

Despite their unique appearance and interesting behaviors, the Long-tailed Potoo is a relatively unknown bird. They are not often seen by humans, as they are primarily active at night or hidden during the day. However, in recent years, ecotourism has become popular in the Amazon, and many people are now able to see these birds in their natural habitat.

In conclusion, the Long-tailed Potoo is a fascinating species of bird that has adapted to thrive in the dark rainforest. Their unobtrusive nature and skill at hiding make them a difficult bird to spot, but those lucky enough to see them will never forget their unique appearance and distinctive calls.

Other names

Nyctibius aethereus



Long-tailed Potoo

nictibi cuallarg



dugorepi potu

potu dlouhoocasý

Langhalet Potu



Ibijau à longue queue


Nittibio codalunga


ilgauodegis didlėlys


nocolot wielkosterny


Длиннохвостый лесной козодой

Dugorepi potu

lelkovec dlhochvostý

Nictibio colilargo

långstjärtad poto

Uzun Kuyruklu Putu

поту довгохвостий


hosszúfarkú álmosmadár