Rufous Potoo (Nyctibius bracteatus)

The Rufous Potoo bird (Nyctibius bracteatus) is a South American species that belongs to the family Nyctibiidae. These birds are sometimes called Poor-me-one because their call sounds like the phrase “poor-me-one”.

These birds are nocturnal and can be found from Costa Rica to Argentina in forested areas. They have a unique appearance that makes them difficult to spot during the day when they like to roost on tree branches. The Rufous Potoo has a distinctive brownish-red plumage with intricate markings that blend in perfectly with tree bark. Their large eyes are adapted to low light conditions, and their wide gape helps them catch prey in flight.

The Rufous Potoo is a solitary bird that spends most of its time perched on branches. Despite their tree-hugging habitat, these birds are expert fliers and can easily catch insects on the wing. They feed mainly on moths, beetles, and other flying insects, which they catch by flying after them and plucking them out of the air. They also eat small lizards and frogs.

These birds have a unique breeding process. The female of the species lays a single egg on a bare tree branch. She leaves the egg in the care of the male, who incubates the egg and takes care of the hatchling. The male also feeds the chick for the first few weeks until it is old enough to fly and hunt on its own.

Like many other bird species, the Rufous Potoo has suffered from habitat loss due to deforestation. However, since they are elusive and difficult to study, little is known about their population status. Conservation efforts are underway to protect their habitat and raise awareness about these mysterious birds.

The Rufous Potoo is a fascinating bird with unique physical characteristics and behaviors. The fact that they are so elusive and difficult to study only adds to their allure, making them a favorite among bird enthusiasts.

Other names

Nyctibius bracteatus



Rufous Potoo

nictibi rogenc



mali potu

potu rezavý


Rosse Reuzennachtzwaluw


Ibijau roux


Nittibio rossiccio


rusvasis didlėlys


nocolot rudy


Рыжий лесной козодой

Riđi potu

lelkovec hrdzavý

Nictibio rufo

rödbrun poto

Kızıl Putu

поту рудий


fehérpettyes álmosmadár