Pauraque (Nyctidromus albicollis)

The Pauraque bird, also known as the Common Pauraque, is a nocturnal bird species that belongs to the Caprimulgidae family. These birds inhabit the tropical and subtropical regions of the Americas, from Mexico to northern Argentina.

The Pauraque bird is a medium-sized bird, measuring about 10 inches in length and weighing around 1.5 ounces. Their plumage is a blend of brown, gray, and white feathers, providing excellent camouflage on the forest floor where they spend most of their time. Their head and wings have a distinctive pattern of dark and light stripes, which is essential for discerning them from other nightjar species.

Being nocturnal, the Pauraque bird is primarily active during dawn and dusk, with their exceptional eyesight and hearing abilities allowing them to hunt insects, small animals, and moths. These birds use their unique bill to catch prey while in midair, making them skilled hunters.

During the breeding season, male Pauraques perform a unique display to attract mates, where they fly up to 60 feet in the air, making whistling and chirping sounds. These birds breed in spring and summer, laying two eggs per clutch, which they incubate for up to four weeks.

The Pauraque bird faces many threats. With the rapid urbanization of their habitats, these birds are losing their breeding and nesting grounds. The Pauraque bird's hunting ground for insects is also being destroyed, leading to a decline in their population. Additionally, these birds are prone to traffic accidents as they fly low in search of prey across roads in the night.

Conservation efforts initiated by the government and conservation groups have helped reduce the Pauraque bird's extinction risk, but more needs to be done to protect these birds from human activities, both in their breeding and hunting grounds. Creating more protected forest reserves and providing education on responsible tourism is essential for ensuring the continued survival of the Pauraque bird.

Other names

Nyctidromus albicollis




enganyapastors pauraque



riđolici leganj

lelek šedočelý

Spraglet Natravn



Engoulevent pauraqué




baltakaklis lėlys


lelkowiec białoszyi



Pauraku leganj

lelek paurake

Chotacabras pauraque



пораке рудощокий