Anthony's Nightjar (Nyctidromus anthonyi)

The Anthony's Nightjar is a small, insectivorous bird that belongs to the family Caprimulgidae. It is a nocturnal bird found in Central and South America, including Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, and Bolivia. The bird is named after John G. Anthony, an American ornithologist.

The Anthony's Nightjar has a distinctive appearance with a dark brown or blackish-brown plumage that is mottled with gray or whitish spots. The bird has a slightly curved bill and large, dark eyes. Its wings are long and pointed, and its tail is slightly rounded.

Like other nightjar species, the Anthony's Nightjar is known for its nocturnal habits. It spends most of the day resting on the ground or perched on a low branch of a tree, camouflaged against the soil or bark. During the night, it emerges from its resting place to hunt for flying insects such as moths and beetles. It has a unique hunting technique in which it flies low over the ground or water, using its large eyes to detect prey in the dark.

The Anthony's Nightjar is a solitary bird, and little is known about its breeding habits. It is believed to breed between November and May, with the female laying a single egg in a shallow nest on the ground.

Like many other bird species, the Anthony's Nightjar faces threats from habitat loss due to deforestation and agricultural expansion. However, the bird's range is relatively large, and it is not considered to be endangered at present.

In conclusion, the Anthony's Nightjar is a fascinating bird that has adapted to life in the dark. Its dark plumage and unique hunting habits make it a mysterious and intriguing species to study and observe. With further research and conservation efforts, we can help to protect this beautiful bird and ensure its survival for generations to come.

Other names

Nyctidromus anthonyi



Anthony's Nightjar

enganyapastors d'Anthony



ekvadorski leganj

lelek křovinný




Engoulevent d’Anthony


Succiacapre di macchia


ekvadorinis lėlys


lelkowiec ekwadorski


Антонов козодой

Šikarski leganj

lelek krovinový

Chotacabras de Anthony


Anthony Porağı

дрімлюга еквадорський

ekuadori öösorr

perui lappantyú