Venezuelan Wood Quail (Odontophorus columbianus)

The Venezuelan Wood Quail, scientifically known as Odontophorus columbianus, is a species of bird that belongs to the family of Odontophoridae. They are commonly found in the northern region of South America, specifically in Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela. The bird is considered one of the closest relatives of the North American Quail and is known for its distinctive features and behaviour.

The Venezuelan Wood Quail is a small-sized bird, measuring about 23-25cm in length and weighing around 200g. The bird is coloured with shades of brown and a characteristic black and white pattern on its neck and breast. The white stripes on its throat are particularly distinct, which extends like a thin line over its eye. The bird has a slender, long yellow bill that is curved downwards, enabling it to feed on seeds and insects. The Venezuelan Wood Quail also possesses two long spurs on its legs that are instrumental in defending itself from predators.

The bird is known for its elusive and shy nature. It spends most of its time hidden in the undergrowth of the forest and is rarely seen out in the open. The Venezuelan Wood Quail is most active during the day and is known for its high-pitched whistle, which is a territorial call used to attract a mate. They are monogamous and mate for life, raising their chicks in family units.

The Venezuelan Wood Quail is classified as a near-threatened species as it faces habitat destruction and fragmentation due to deforestation. This has resulted in a significant decline in the population of these birds. Human activities such as agriculture, logging, and mining have destroyed the natural habitat of these birds, which has led to a decrease in their numbers.

In conclusion, the Venezuelan Wood Quail is a fascinating bird with distinct characteristics and behavior. Conserving their natural habitat is essential to ensure the survival of these beautiful birds.

Other names

Odontophorus columbianus



Venezuelan Wood Quail

tocro de Veneçuela



venezuelska prepelica

křepel venezuelský




Tocro du Venezuela


Quaglia boschereccia del Venezuela


venesuelinė miškinė putpelė


przepiór wenezuelski


Венесуэльский лесной перепел

Venecuelanska šumska prepelica

prepelka škvrnitoprsá

Corcovado venezolano


Benekli Tokro

токро венесуельський

venetsueela selvavutt