Rufous-fronted Wood Quail (Odontophorus erythrops)

The Rufous-fronted Wood Quail is a small, tropical bird species found in various parts of South America, including Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. It belongs to the Cracidae family, which includes many other species of quail-like birds that are native to the Americas.

One of the distinct features of the Rufous-fronted Wood Quail is its rich, rufous-colored forehead and crown. It also has a reddish-brown throat and upper breast. Its underparts and wings are blackish-brown, while its tail is short and rounded. The male and female Rufous-fronted Wood Quail are similar in appearance, with the male being a bit larger and more brightly colored.

These birds are typically found in the dense, humid forests of South America, where they feed on a variety of seeds, fruits, and insects. They are also known to forage on the ground for fallen fruit and seeds. Rufous-fronted Wood Quails are shy and elusive birds, often remaining hidden in the underbrush, and are difficult to spot.

Rufous-fronted Wood Quails breed during the rainy season, which varies depending on their location. The female typically lays two to three eggs in a shallow nest on the ground or in a low tree. The chicks are precocial, which means they can walk and feed themselves shortly after hatching.

Unfortunately, Rufous-fronted Wood Quails are threatened by deforestation and habitat destruction, as well as hunting for their meat and feathers. They are currently classified as near threatened on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List.

Overall, the Rufous-fronted Wood Quail is a fascinating and beautiful bird species that plays an important role in the ecosystem of South American forests. Efforts to conserve their habitat and protect them from human interference are crucial for the survival of this unique species.

Other names

Odontophorus erythrops



Rufous-fronted Wood Quail

tocro de front vermell



riđočela prepelica

křepel rezavočelý

Brunmasket Tandvagtel



Tocro à front roux


Quaglia boschereccia fronterossiccia


rusvakaktė miškinė putpelė


przepiór obrożny


Краснолобый лесной перепел

Šumska prepelica riđeg čela

prepelka hrdzavočelá

Corcovado frentirrojo

rödpannad tandvaktel

Ak Yakalı Tokro

токро рудолобий