Marbled Wood Quail (Odontophorus gujanensis)

The Marbled Wood Quail, also known as Odontophorus gujanensis, is a species of bird that belongs to the Odontophoridae family. This beautiful bird is indigenous to the tropical forests of South and Central America. The Marbled Wood Quail primarily inhabits areas of dense undergrowth, thickets, and damp woodlands.

The Marbled Wood Quail is a medium-sized bird, reaching an average height of around 26 cm. It has a striking appearance, characterized by its marbled black and white plumage, making it easy to distinguish from other birds. Its feathers are used in many cultural ceremonies and bird hunting activities across South America.

Marbled Wood Quails are famous for their shy and secretive nature, making them hard to spot in several bird-watching locations. However, they are social birds, and they often live in small flocks of about ten individuals. They are also known for their great love of the forest floor, which they spend a considerable amount of their time searching for food, insects, and small vertebrates to feed on.

Although the Marbled Wood Quail has broad geographic distribution across South and Central America, it is unfortunately considered as a near-threatened species due to habitat loss and increasing deforestation in their natural habitat. Reports suggest that their populations are declining in several countries, including Brazil, Colombia, and Panama.

To conserve this beautiful species, authorities in different countries have implemented strict measures to protect their habitat from further threats. These measures include the creation of nature reserves and strict regulations on hunting activities. The efforts to conserve this remarkable bird have seen an increase in their population in some areas.

In conclusion, the Marbled Wood Quail is a beautiful and fascinating bird that has captured the hearts of many bird enthusiasts worldwide. They play an essential role in the ecosystem, and it's crucial to preserve their population and habitat for future generations to enjoy.

Other names

Odontophorus gujanensis



Marbled Wood Quail

tocro comú



riđa prepelica

křepel mramorovaný

Brun Tandvagtel

Gemarmerde Tandkwartel


Tocro de Guyane


Quaglia boschereccia marmorizzata


marmurinė miškinė putpelė


przepiór marmurkowy


Мраморный лесной перепел

Mramorasta šumska prepelica

prepelka mramorovaná

Corcovado común


Mermerli Tokro

токро гвіанський