Dark-backed Wood Quail (Odontophorus melanonotus)

The Dark-backed Wood Quail bird, scientific name Odontophorus melanonotus, is a unique bird species found in the tropical forests of the southern parts of Mexico and Central America. These birds are known for their strikingly beautiful, dark olive-green, and black plumage. The plumes of the bird are richly blended with splashes of white and other shades of green.

These birds have a small size, around 25 cm in length, and weigh about 175 to 200 g. Furthermore, their heads are relatively large, and they have a short tail that they use for maintaining balance. While the males can be slightly bigger than the females, there are no significant differences between the genders in their appearance and behavior.

Dark-backed Wood Quail birds are primarily ground-dwelling birds and thrive in dense and moist forests. These birds tend to live in groups of two to ten individuals. They feed on a diet consisting mainly of seeds, fruits, and insects, which they forage while on the ground.

These birds are known to be shy and elusive, which makes them difficult to spot in their natural habitat. However, they are quite vocal and are known for their melodic and resonating calls that echo through the dense forests in which they live.

Unfortunately, Dark-backed Wood Quail populations have declined at alarming rates due to habitat loss, hunting, and trapping. These birds have become endangered in some regions, and conservation efforts are necessary to protect them. In addition, the birds are highly sensitive to environmental changes and are, therefore, good indicators of forest health.

In conclusion, the Dark-backed Wood Quail is a beautiful and fascinating bird species that needs to be protected and conserved. These birds are essential for maintaining a healthy ecosystem, and their loss could have far-reaching impacts on the environment. Efforts should be taken to conserve their habitats and prevent their numbers from declining further.

Other names

Odontophorus melanonotus



Dark-backed Wood Quail

tocro de dors fosc



riđoprsa prepelica

křepel tmavohřbetý

Mørkrygget Tandvagtel



Tocro à dos noir


Quaglia boschereccia dososcuro


tamsianugarė miškinė putpelė


przepiór ciemnogrzbiety


Черноспинный лесной перепел

Šumska prepelica tamnih leđa

prepelka tmavochrbtá

Corcovado dorsioscuro

mörkryggig tandvaktel

Kara Sırtlı Tokro

токро еквадорський