Starred Wood Quail (Odontophorus stellatus)

The Starred Wood Quail is a beautiful bird that inhabits the forest areas of South America, specifically in the countries of Brazil, Bolivia, and Argentina. This bird is characterized by its stunning physical appearance, which features a star-like white marking on its forehead and a red crest on its head. It has a brownish-black colored body and its wings are outlined with white. The Starred Wood Quail is a small-sized bird, measuring only about 18-20 cm in length.

These birds are known for being very shy and elusive, and are rarely seen in the wild. They are mostly active during the day and spend their time foraging on the forest floor for small insects, seeds, and fruits. Despite their small size, a group of Starred Wood Quails can make quite a lot of noise when moving through the forest floor as they communicate with each other using a range of calls and whistles.

The Starred Wood Quail is a social bird that lives in groups of around 5-10 individuals. They are monogamous and form long-lasting pairs. They also build their nests close to the ground in the thickets, which they make out of sticks, grass, and other forest debris. The females usually lay around 2-4 eggs, which are incubated for about 18-20 days before hatching.

Unfortunately, the Starred Wood Quail is listed as a species of least concern by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, but there is still reason for concern due to habitat loss and fragmentation. The deforestation that is happening in their natural habitat is slowly pushing them towards endangerment. Hence, conservation efforts should be made to protect the habitats of these birds.

In conclusion, the Starred Wood Quail is a stunning bird with a unique appearance found in South American forests. Their elusive nature and distinctive calls make them a bird worth seeing. It is essential to protect their forests and habitats to ensure the survival of these magnificent birds.

Other names

Odontophorus stellatus



Starred Wood Quail

tocro de màscara groga



sivovrata prepelica

křepel hvězdičkový




Tocro étoilé


Quaglia boschereccia stellata


žvaigždėtoji miškinė putpelė


przepiór rdzawobrzuchy


Звездчатый лесной перепел

Zvezdasta šumska prepelica

prepelka hviezdičkatá

Corcovado estrellado


Yıldızlı Tokro

токро рудочубий