Colombian Chachalaca (Ortalis columbiana)

The Colombian Chachalaca bird, scientifically known as Ortalis columbiana, is a species of bird belonging to the family of Cracidae. Known for their noisy vocalizations, these birds are largely found in Colombia's tropical and subtropical regions, including the forests, wetlands, and scrublands. Their name, "chachalaca," is derived from their distinct, raucous calls that reverberate throughout the forests, serving as a warning signal to other birds of potential threats.

Adult Chachalacas measure about 57 cm (22 in) in length and weigh up to 598g (21.1 oz). Their plumage is mostly brown, with a dark head and tail, and a white stripe on their throats. They have a characteristic red dewlap or fleshy flap of skin under their beaks that they use to communicate. They also have robust legs that allow them to move quickly through the foliage and jump between branches.

These birds are herbivorous and feed mostly on fruits, nuts, seeds, and flowers. They forage in flocks of up to a dozen birds, loudly calling and feeding together in trees and on the ground. They help disperse seeds throughout the forest by eating fruits in one location and later expelling them in another. This process helps to maintain the ecological balance of the forest and is essential for the growth and regeneration of the forest.

Due to habitat destruction and hunting, the population of Colombian Chachalaca birds is declining rapidly. These birds are endangered, and their conservation status is now listed as vulnerable. The Chachalacas play a vital role in maintaining the ecological balance of the forest, proving themselves as crucial links in the forest's food chain. Their conservation and protection are necessary to ensure the well-being of the forest ecosystems and their biodiversity. Therefore, it is crucial for the conservation authorities and the general public to come together to protect these magnificent birds and their habitat.

Other names

Ortalis columbiana



Colombian Chachalaca

txatxalaca de Colòmbia



kolumbijska čačalaka

čačalaka kolumbijská

Colombiansk Chachalaca

Colombiaanse Chachalaca


Ortalide de Colombie


Ciacialaca colombiano



czakalaka kolumbijska


Колумбийская чачалака

Kolumbijska čačalaka

čačalaka kolumbijská

Chachalaca colombiana


İncili Çaçalaka

чачалака колумбійська