Chestnut-winged Chachalaca (Ortalis garrula)

The Chestnut-winged Chachalaca bird, also known as the Chachalaca of the Pacific slope, is a bird species that is found in Central America and parts of South America. It is a medium-sized bird with a distinctive appearance that sets it apart from other bird species.

The Chestnut-winged Chachalaca bird is typically about 60 to 63 centimeters in length and weighs about 755 to 840 grams. It is recognized by its long, curved beak, brown feathers, and a long tail. What makes it stand out from other bird species is its chestnut-colored wings that are visible when it's in flight.

These birds live in lowland and foothill forests, and they are known to inhabit areas where there is a lot of shrubbery. They are also found in open woodlands, savannas, and even urban gardens. They have a wide range of habitats that they can adapt to, which is why they are found in a variety of locations.

The Chestnut-winged Chachalaca bird are usually found in groups or flocks, and their characteristic calls can be heard from a distance. They are primarily herbivorous and their diet comprises of fruits, berries, and seeds. They can sometimes consume insects as well.

The breeding season of these birds starts in March and lasts until June. They build their nests in the forks of trees, using twigs, leaves, and other materials. Their nests are well-concealed and are usually difficult to spot. The female bird lays two to three eggs, which take about 24 to 26 days to hatch.

The Chestnut-winged Chachalaca bird is known to be a shy and elusive bird and is not commonly spotted by birdwatchers. However, they play a vital role in maintaining the tropical forest ecosystem by dispersing seeds of the fruits they consume.

In conclusion, the Chestnut-winged Chachalaca bird is one of the fascinating bird species that inhabit the Central and South American regions. With their distinctive appearance and unique calls, they add diversity to the ecosystem they live in.

Other names

Ortalis garrula



Chestnut-winged Chachalaca

txatxalaca ala-roig



kestenjastokrila čačalaka

čačalaka rezavokřídlá

Kastanjevinget Chachalaca



Ortalide babillarde


Ciacialaca alicastane


raudonsparnė čačalaka


czakalaka brązowoskrzydła


Краснокрылая чачалака

Čačalaka kestenjastih krila

čačalaka hnedokrídla

Chachalaca alirroja

brunvingad chachalaca

Kızıl Kanatlı Çaçalaka

чачалака рудокрила