White-bellied Chachalaca (Ortalis leucogastra)

The White-bellied Chachalaca is a medium-sized bird belonging to the family Cracidae, which is native to the Southern United States, Mexico, and Central America. With a length of around 60-70 cm, and weighing up to 1 kg, this bird has a distinctive brown and olive-brown plumage with a white belly and a curved beak that is long, sharp, and hooked at the tip. They have relatively long, bulky tails and short wings that help them navigate through the dense forest canopy.

This bird is known for its unique and recognizable vocalizations, which consist of a loud and raucous "cha cha la ca" sound, from which it gets its name. They make these calls to communicate with their flock and to mark their territory. They are usually found in groups of up to 25 individuals, wandering through the forest floor in search of fruit, seeds, and insects.

The White-bellied Chachalaca is a herbivorous bird that feeds mainly on fruits, berries, and seeds, especially those of the tree species of the tropics and subtropics. They play a significant role in maintaining the balance of the forest ecosystem by dispersing the seeds of the fruits they eat throughout the forest. They are also known to feed on small insects when fruits are not abundant.

Their breeding season usually begins in late winter or early spring, and they build their nests in dense shrubs, trees, and tall grasses, using a combination of sticks and twigs. They lay up to three eggs, which are incubated for around 23 days. The chicks are born with a full set of feathers and are able to fly within a few days of hatching.

Despite being a relatively common bird, the White-bellied Chachalaca is facing habitat loss due to deforestation, land conversion for agriculture, and urban development. Their populations are also affected by hunting for their meat and feathers. Conservation efforts are essential to protect this beautiful bird and its importance in maintaining a healthy forest ecosystem.

Other names

Ortalis leucogastra



White-bellied Chachalaca

txatxalaca ventreblanc



bjelotrba čačalaka

čačalaka bělobřichá

Hvidbuget Chachalaca



Ortalide à ventre blanc


Ciacialaca panciabianca


baltapilvė čačalaka


czakalaka białobrzucha


Белобрюхая чачалака

Belotrba čačalaka

čačalaka bielobruchá

Chachalaca ventriblanca

vitbukig chachalaca

Ak Karınlı Çaçalaka

чачалака білочерева