Little Chachalaca (Ortalis motmot)

The Little Chachalaca bird is a species of bird belonging to the Cracidae family and is found in parts of Central and South America. They are known for their loud calls that can be heard from a distance of up to 300 meters. These birds prefer to live in humid and dark forests close to riverbanks, and their natural habitat ranges from Mexico to Peru, Venezuela, and Colombia.

The Little Chachalaca is a medium-sized bird that weighs around 600-800 grams, and their average body length is about 40-45 cm. They have a greenish-brown body with a bushy crest and a small, sharp beak. The wings of the bird are short and rounded, and they are unable to fly for a long distance. Instead, they move around by running or jumping on the ground and can also climb tree branches.

These birds are social and live in flocks of around 6 to 20 individuals. They are monogamous, and both the male and the female bird work together to build their nests. The nests are usually built on branches close to the ground and are made up of leaves, twigs, and grasses. The female bird lays about 3-4 eggs, which are incubated for approximately 28 days, and the chicks are cared for by both parents until they can fend for themselves.

The Little Chachalaca is herbivorous, and their diet mainly consists of fruits, leaves, and flowers. They also eat small insects and worms occasionally. These birds are considered important to the ecosystem as they disperse the seeds of the fruits they consume, which helps in the growth and survival of several plant species.

Unfortunately, due to habitat destruction and hunting, the population of Little Chachalaca birds is declining. They are also being threatened by climate change, which affects their natural habitat. Conservation efforts are being made to preserve these beautiful birds, and they are now listed under the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as Near Threatened.

In conclusion, the Little Chachalaca bird is a fascinating species that adds beauty to the world and is an essential member of the ecosystem. It's our responsibility to ensure their preservation and take significant steps to protect them from extinction.

Other names

Ortalis motmot



Little Chachalaca

txatxalaca de cresta vermella



kestenjastoglava čačalaka

čačalaka guyanská

Lille Chachalaca

Kleine Chachalaca


Ortalide motmot


Ciacialaca minore


mažoji čačalaka


czakalaka rdzawa


Малая чачалака

Smeđokrila čačalaka

čačalaka paraka

Chachalaca motmot


Kuzeyli Küçük Çaçakala

чачалака мала