Scaled Chachalaca (Ortalis squamata)

Scaled Chachalaca bird is a unique avian species found mainly in the regions of Mexico and Central America. They are known for their distinct appearance, piercing vocals, and social behavior.

One of the most prominent physical characteristics of the Scaled Chachalaca is the pattern of scales on their featherless necks and heads. These scales act as a kind of armor, protecting them while foraging through thick vegetation. The rest of their feathers are mostly brown and gray in color, blending well with their forest habitat.

These birds prefer to live in densely-forested areas, and their diet largely consists of fruits and seeds. They're also known to eat insects and small invertebrates, which makes them an essential part of the forest ecosystem's food web.

Scaled Chachalacas are social birds, living in large groups of up to 30 individuals. They typically nest in trees, with each nest holding around 3 to 5 eggs. Both parents will incubate and care for the chicks until they are old enough to fledge.

Despite their impressive number, Scaled Chachalacas are vulnerable to habitat loss due to deforestation, which is a significant threat to their survival. Though efforts are underway to conserve the bird's habitat and increase their numbers, the Chachalaca remains an endangered species.

In conclusion, the Scaled Chachalaca is a fascinating bird with unique physical attributes and social behavior. Its role in the ecosystem as a seed disperser and insect predator is crucial, making it essential to protect their habitat to ensure their survival for generations to come.

Other names

Ortalis squamata



Scaled Chachalaca

txatxalaca escatós



ljuskastoprsa čačalaka

čačalaka šupinatá

Skællet Chachalaca

Geschubde Chachalaca


Ortalide écaillée




czakalaka łuskowana


Чешуйчатая чачалака

Ljuskasta čačalaka

čačalaka šupinatá

Chachalaca escamosa

fjällig chachalaca

Pullu Çaçalaka

чачалака строкатовола