Grey Francolin (Ortygornis pondicerianus)

The Grey Francolin, also known as the Grey Partridge, is a bird species found abundantly in India and Pakistan. It has a plump and compact body with short wings and tail. The bird measures between 25-30 cm in length and weighs around 300-400 g. It is a gamebird that has a distinctive color and plumage, making it easily distinguishable.

The bird's head and crown are grey, while the neck, breast, and belly are a blend of white, brown, and grey. The eye region has a reddish-brown patch, followed by distinct white spots on the black under the ear coverts. Males are slightly larger than females and have a more prominent red mark on their throat, while the females have a smaller, and paler mark.

In the wild, Grey Francolins prefer dry and arid regions such as thorn scrublands and grasslands. They are primarily ground-dwelling birds that spend most of their time foraging on the ground. They feed on seeds, insects, and small invertebrates that they find in the soil or vegetation. Their habitat ranges from sea level to altitudes of up to 2,500 meters.

The Grey Francolin is monogamous and pairs up throughout its breeding season. The breeding season is between April and August, during which the male attracts its mate with its calls. The female lays around 8-12 eggs in a shallow ground nest lined with grass and twigs. The male sticks close to the nest to defend it from predators while the female incubates the eggs for around 20-22 days.

While the Grey Francolin was once abundant, their numbers have been declining in recent years due to habitat loss and hunting. However, they are still hunted for their tasty meat in many parts of their range. The species is considered a game bird and is protected in most range states.

In conclusion, the Grey Francolin is a unique and beautiful bird that is found in India and Pakistan. They are a gamebird species that can be easily hunted but are protected under laws in most areas. It is important to conserve their habitat to prevent further loss of this species.

Other names

Ortygornis pondicerianus



Grey Francolin

francolí gris



siva jarebica

frankolín křepelčí

Grå Frankolin

Grijze Frankolijn


Francolin gris


Francolino grigio


pilkasis frankolinas


frankolin indyjski


Серый турач

Sivi frankolin

frankolín sivý

Francolín gris

grå frankolin

Boz Turaç

турач сірий

hallfrankoliin (hall-frankoliinkana)

szürke fogolyfürj

pelēkais frankolins