Crested Francolin (Ortygornis sephaena)

Crested Francolin, also known as the francolinus sephaena, is a beautiful bird that is native to the African continent. The bird can be found in several countries including South Africa, Ethiopia, Sudan, Mozambique and Kenya.

One of the notable characteristics of this bird is the crest of feathers on its head, which is most prominent in the male francolin. The bird’s body is covered with brown feathers marked with black and white spots. The bird has bright red feet and legs that help it navigate the grasslands where it lives.

Crested francolins are mainly seen in the savannah regions and woodlands with thick undergrowth where they can forage for their food. The bird feeds on plant parts such as seeds and insects. It forages on the ground and can also climb up small bushes to look for food.

The bird is usually monogamous and pairs up for life. During the breeding season, male francolins will create a special mating call that can be heard from a long distance. The female lays several eggs, and both the male and female take turns incubating them for about twenty to twenty-three days. Once the eggs hatch, the male and female francolins will care for and protect the chicks until they are mature enough to fend for themselves.

Although the Crested Francolin is not considered an endangered species, the bird is at risk due to the destruction of its natural habitat. This destruction can occur from land development, farming, and other human activities that remove the thick brush and grasses where the francolin flourishes.

In conclusion, the Crested Francolin is a notable bird that inhabits African savannas and woodlands. It has striking physical features that make it easy to distinguish, and it has an interesting mating call and breeding behavior. Finally, like many other animals, the Crested Francolin is at risk due to human activities that threaten its natural habitat.

Other names

Ortygornis sephaena



Crested Francolin

francolí de casquet



smeđokapa jarebica

frankolín čapkový




Francolin huppé


Francolino crestato


kuoduotasis frankolinas


frankolin czubaty


Хохлатый турач

Ćubasti frankolin

frankolín čepcový

Francolín capirotado


Tepeli Turaç

турач чубатий


tanufrankoliin (tanu-frankoliinkana)

bóbitás frankolin