Lake Duck (Oxyura vittata)

The Lake Duck is a unique species of bird found in the southern parts of South America, particularly in Patagonia. These ducks are known for their beautiful coloration, which consists of a dark green head, white neck ring, chestnut body, and a grey bill. Adult males have a distinct blue bill, while females have an orange bill, making it easy to distinguish between the two sexes. Despite its name, the Lake Duck is not found exclusively in lakes, but also in streams and rivers in forested areas.

Lake Ducks are known for their strong diving abilities. They can dive up to twelve meters or more to hunt for prey, which mostly includes small fish, insects, and crustaceans. These ducks are highly adaptable and can acclimate in areas where there are few predators present, making them capable of thriving in various habitats.

Although Lake Ducks are considered widespread, they are still not well studied, mainly due to their isolation from human communities. These ducks are mostly active during the daytime, and they usually live in small groups. During breeding season, they form pairs, and the male will defend the nest area while the female lays her eggs. The eggs are then incubated for around a month, and the parents raise and protect the ducklings until they are grown.

Despite their nonthreatening natural existence, Lake Ducks populations are still threatened by habitat loss as well as introduced predator species such as foxes. As a result, the population of these birds in some areas has declined drastically, making them a vulnerable species. Conservation actions have been put in place to help protect these ducks, such as implementing laws to protect habitats and restricting human activities in breeding areas.

In conclusion, the Lake Duck is an extraordinary bird species that plays a significant role in its natural environment. These ducks are powerful swimmers and divers that can adapt well to changes in their habitat. Although they face numerous challenges, Lake Ducks continue to thrive and provide a valuable contribution to the ecosystem.

Other names

Oxyura vittata



Lake Duck

malvasia de l'Argentina



argentinska čakora

kachnice argentinská

Argentinsk Skarveand

Argentijnse Stekelstaart


Érismature ornée


Gobbo lacustre


argentininė stačiauodegė


sterniczka argentyńska


Патагонская савка

Argentinska plavokljuna patka

potápnica argentínska

Malvasía argentina


Arjantin Dikkuyruğu

савка аргентинська

argentiina händpart

argentin kékcsőrű réce