Horned Curassow (Pauxi unicornis)

The Horned Curassow is a beautiful bird found in the forest regions of South America, specifically in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela. It is a relatively obscure bird known for its unique appearance, characterized by its bizarre feature of a horn-like structure atop its head. The bird is a large, terrestrial species, known for its ear-splitting call that can be heard from long distances away.

The Horned Curassow is a sturdy bird that possesses a wing span of around 75 cm and generally stands at a height of around 90 cm. The male Horned Curassow has a black plumage with a white belly and contrasting red facial skin and legs. Its titular horns are made of keratin and can grow up to 8 cm long, giving the bird a mystical and almost mythical look. The female, on the other hand, is entirely different, having brownish feathers with a white belly.

The Horned Curassow is a habitat specialist and tends to live in the lowland tropical forests. These birds prefer to remain on the forest floor, often foraging for food. Typically, they have a diet that primarily consists of fruit, seeds, and occasionally, small prey such as insects. In the past, hunters poached Horned Curassows for their meat and feathers, and their numbers sadly began to decline.

Today, the Horned Curassow is considered to be an endangered species. This is mainly due to habitat loss and hunting pressures. Many conservation organizations in South America have made efforts to conserve its habitat, as well as to amplify public awareness about the bird's conservation needs. The efforts have seen some success, as the populations of the Horned Curassow have now begun to bounce back.

The Horned Curassow is a fascinating and rare bird that beckons admiration and excitement from birdwatchers around the world. This species is an essential environmental indicator of the health and vitality of the ecosystem it inhabits, and its preservation is vital to the preservation of the South American tropical ecosystem.

Other names

Pauxi unicornis



Horned Curassow

hoco de casquet meridional



rogati hoko

hoko bolívijský

Sydlig Hjelmhokko



Hocco unicorne


Hocco cornuto


pietinis šalminis kraksas


czubacz rogaty


Рогатый кракс

Rogati hoko

hoko rohatý

Paují unicornio boliviano


Bolivya Boynuzlu Hokkosu

кракс-рогань південний


szarvas hokkó