Red-faced Guan (Penelope dabbenei)

The Red-Faced Guan is a bird species belonging to the Cracidae family, which is found in the tropical regions of Central and South America. It is a medium-sized bird with a length of around 70 cm and weighs about 1 kg. This bird has a vibrant red face, a long neck, and a dull brown plumage.

The Red-Faced Guan is an arboreal species that spends most of its time up high in the canopy. It is less socially inclined than other Guan birds, but they are still seen in flocks of up to 30 members during the mating season. The Red-Faced Guan is a shy bird, and it is not easy to spot them in the wild. They feed on fruits, insects, and leaves that they access through their sharp beak.

During the mating season, the male Guan makes distinctive calls to attract females for mating purposes. The Red-Faced Guan's nest is generally a platform-like structure made up of sticks, and the female lays up to three eggs that will incubate for 25-28 days. The chicks are born naked, and the male and female both care for them until they can fly at around 50 days of age.

However, the Red-Faced Guan is considered a vulnerable species. Habitat destruction and illegal hunting for its meat have caused its population to decline over the years. These birds are also hunted for their feathers, which are used for decoration purposes. The Red-Faced Guan is an essential bird to the eco-system as it helps in seed dispersal, and its decline can have severe effects on the environment.

Many conservation efforts are underway to protect the Red-Faced Guan, including habitat protection, cooperation with local communities, and stringent enforcement of laws against hunting. The Red-Faced Guan's vulnerability highlights the importance of taking care of the environment and wildlife conservation. It is vital to conserve these beautiful birds and their natural habitats to maintain the balance of nature.

Other names

Penelope dabbenei



Red-faced Guan

guan cara-roig



crvenolici guan

guan červenolící

Rødmasket Penelopehøne



Pénélope de Dabbene


Guan facciarossa


raudonveidė penelopė


penelopa czerwonolica


Краснолицая пенелопа

Crvenoliki guan

šuan červenolíci

Pava carirroja

rödkindad guan

Kırmızı Yüzlü Guan

пенелопа еквадорська