White-browed Guan (Penelope jacucaca)

The White-browed Guan bird, also known as the Penelope jacquacu, is a species of bird native to various regions in South America. These birds are known for their stunning appearance, with a distinctive white stripe on their eyebrows and a rich, dark brown plumage.

White-browed Guans are primarily found in the Amazon Basin, where they inhabit the dense forests and woodlands. They are also commonly seen in other areas of South America, including Brazil, Peru, and Bolivia. These birds are known to be social creatures and are often seen in pairs or small groups of up to six individuals.

The White-browed Guan is a fairly large bird, growing up to 74 centimeters in length with a wingspan of approximately 93 centimeters. They have a hefty body, a thick neck, and a long tail. The male and female birds are similar in appearance, but males may be slightly larger.

These birds are primarily herbivorous, feeding on a variety of fruits, nuts, and leaves. They are known to be an important dispersal agent for many tree species in their native habitat. The White-browed Guan is an essential seed disperser, as they consume fruits and pass seeds through their digestive tract. This helps to spread the seeds throughout the forest, contributing to the overall biodiversity of the ecosystem.

White-browed Guans are known for their unique vocalizations, which consist of deep, booming calls that can carry for long distances. These calls are used to communicate with other members of their group and to mark their territory.

Unfortunately, the White-browed Guan is considered to be a vulnerable species due to habitat loss and degradation. Deforestation and land-use changes are the primary threats to their survival, as their habitat is continuously diminishing. Conservation efforts are essential to protect these birds and their habitat, and initiatives are currently underway to safeguard their populations.

Other names

Penelope jacucaca



White-browed Guan

guan cellablanc



bjeločeli guan

guan bělobrvý

Hvidbrynet Penelopehøne



Pénélope à front blanc


Guan cigliabianche


baltabruvė penelopė


penelopa białobrewa


Белолобая пенелопа

Beloobrvasti guan

šuan čelenkový

Pava yacucaca

vitbrynad guan

Ak Kaşlı Guan

пенелопа білоброва