Chestnut-bellied Guan (Penelope ochrogaster)

The Chestnut-bellied Guan is a small, plump bird that lives in the humid forests of South America. This bird is easily recognizable due to its unique appearance and distinct call. It is also known by its scientific name, Penelope ochrogaster.

The Chestnut-bellied Guan is about the size of a turkey, measuring up to 55cm in length and weighing between 1.1 to 1.6kg. The bird has a distinctive appearance with a bright blue head and neck, intricate black feathering on its back and a chestnut-coloured belly. Its beak is short and curved, and its legs are sturdy and equipped with sharp talons, which helps it to climb trees and reside on branches.

This species is a frugivore, which means it feeds mainly on fruit, nuts, and seeds. It also eats insects, small animals, and buds. The Chestnut-bellied Guan is a social bird that lives in groups of about ten birds, and during feeding, the group will often communicate using a series of loud, deep calls.

The breeding season of the Chestnut-bellied Guan is between May and September. The bird will build its nest in the crown of a tree, usually about 35m above the ground. The female will lay two eggs, and both parents will take turns incubating them until they hatch.

The Chestnut-bellied Guan is not considered endangered, and its population is thought to be stable because it is widely distributed and can adapt to habitats ranging from forest to savannah. Nevertheless, deforestation and habitat loss pose a significant threat to the bird's survival. They are also hunted for their meat, which is considered a delicacy in some parts of their range.

Overall, the Chestnut-bellied Guan is a magnificent and fascinating bird that plays an essential role in the ecosystem of its habitat. Efforts must be made to protect the remaining populations and their habitats to ensure their survival for generations to come.

Other names

Penelope ochrogaster



Chestnut-bellied Guan

guan de ventre rogenc



riđotrbi guan

guan středobrazilský

Kastanjebuget Penelopehøne

Rossig Sjakohoen


Pénélope à ventre roux


Guan panciacastana


kaštonpilvė penelopė


penelopa bagienna


Рыжебрюхая пенелопа

Guan kestenjastog trbuha

šuan mokrinový

Pava ventrirrufa

rostbukig guan

Kızıl Karınlı Guan

пенелопа бразильська


vöröshasú sakutyúk