Baudo Guan (Penelope ortoni)

The Baudo Guan is a large, striking bird that is found in the dense tropical forests of the Pacific coast of Colombia and Ecuador. This species is a member of the Cracidae family, which includes other large and impressively-plumed birds such as the Curassows and the Guans.

The Baudo Guan is a primarily black bird with a glossy greenish-blue tint to its feathers. It has a red dewlap and a distinctive white patch on its lower back. Both males and females have a fleshy bulge on their forehead known as a "casque," which grows larger as the bird ages.

These birds are predominantly found in the upper canopy of the forest, but will also forage on the forest floor in search of fruit, seeds, insects, and other small animals. They are social birds, often forming groups that travel and feed together.

Although Baudo Guans are known to be monogamous, little is known about their breeding habits. The female typically lays around 2-3 eggs, which are incubated for approximately 30 days before hatching. The chicks are born with feathers and are able to leave the nest within a few days of hatching.

Like many other species in this family, Baudo Guans have been severely impacted by human activity and habitat destruction. These birds are considered endangered due to the ongoing loss of their forest habitat, as well as hunting for their meat and feathers. Conservation efforts are underway to protect the remaining populations of Baudo Guans and their habitat.

The Baudo Guans are not only stunning birds to observe, but they also play an important ecological role in their forest ecosystem. As seed dispersers and pollinators, they contribute to the health and diversity of the forest. Their conservation is essential for the continued existence of this amazing species and their forest habitat.

Other names

Penelope ortoni



Baudo Guan

guan d'Orton



tamnoglavi guan

guan Ortonův


Ortons Sjakohoen


Pénélope d’Orton


Guan di Baudò


Ortono penelopė


penelopa brunatna


Ортонова пенелопа

Guan iz oblasti Baudo

šuan hnedý

Pava de Orton


Orton Guanı

пенелопа брунатна