Cauca Guan (Penelope perspicax)

The Cauca Guan is a bird species that hails from South America, specifically the Andean region in Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. This bird is scientifically known as Penelope Perspicax and belongs to the Cracidae family. The Cauca Guan is typically a forest bird that is found in the subtropical or tropical forest habitats.

Cauca Guans are medium-sized birds, with dark plumage on their heads and upper parts, and a whitish underside. The most striking feature of this bird is its red or orange-colored wattle, which hangs from its throat and is visible even from a distance. The wattle becomes more prominent during the breeding season, making it easier for individuals to spot potential mates. The bird can also be differentiated from other Guan species by its rufous wings.

As frugivores, Cauca Guans feed mainly on fruits and seeds, but they also consume smaller quantities of invertebrates such as insects and snails. They are known for their fondness of fruits from trees such as the guava, banana, and avocado. These birds usually prefer to remain in the upper canopy of the forest, and they can be quite active in seeking out food items.

The Cauca Guans are monogamous, and pairs are known to stay together for several breeding seasons. They typically lay 2-3 eggs in a nest, which is built on a platform in a tree or bush. The eggs are incubated for about 30 days by both parents, and the young ones take around 60 days to fledge and become independent.

Unfortunately, the Cauca Guan is considered to be a vulnerable species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) due to habitat loss, hunting, and capture for the pet trade. The destruction of their forest habitats for agriculture, logging, and human settlement has led to a decrease in their population numbers in recent times. Conservation groups are working to protect and restore the forest areas where this bird species is found, as well as to curb the illegal hunting and trade of these beautiful birds.

Other names

Penelope perspicax



Cauca Guan

guan del Cauca



kaukanski guan

guan kolumbijský




Pénélope de Cauca


Guan di Cauca


kolumbinė penelopė


penelopa kasztanowata


Колумбийская пенелопа

Kaukanski guan

šuan gaštanový

Pava del Cauca


Kauka Guanı

пенелопа колумбійська

cauca lotthoko