Rock Bush Quail (Perdicula argoondah)

The Rock Bush Quail bird, scientifically known as Perdicula argoondah, belongs to the family of Phasianidae and is endemic to the Indian subcontinent. It is a small-sized, ground-dwelling bird species that primarily inhabits the dry scrub, rocky terrain, and grasslands of India, Pakistan, and Nepal. The bird is also known by other names such as Jungle Bush Quail, Painted Bush Quail, and Painted Bush-Quail.

The Rock Bush Quail bird sports a distinctive, plump body, and is about 20-25 centimeters long. The male and female of the species exhibit a marked sexual dimorphism. The male Rock Bush Quail bird has a grayish-brown head, neck, and upper body, while its lower back, wings, and tail are rusty-brown in color. The male also has a characteristic black throat and white forehead. In contrast, the female has more muted brown coloration with less prominent black and white markings.

The bird's unique and striking plumage is a perfect adaptation to the rocky terrain that it inhabits. The Rock Bush Quail bird runs rapidly through the rough terrain, and Its small size and camouflage colors make it difficult for predators to spot it among rocks and shrubs.The Rock Bush Quail bird feeds on seeds, insects, and small invertebrates that it forages in the ground and low vegetation. It also feeds on shoots and fruits of certain plants.

Rock Bush Quail bird's breeding habits and lifecycle are still relatively unknown. They usually breed during the monsoon season, and a female lays about 4-6 eggs in a nest lined with dry leaves and grass on the ground. The birds are monogamous and usually mate for life.

Unfortunately, the populations of the Rock Bush Quail bird are declining globally, primarily due to habitat loss, hunting, and pesticides' use in agriculture. Conservationists have suggested measures such as habitat conservation and restoration, and increased environmental awareness to protect these unique birds. Various organizations are working towards the conservation of the Rock Bush Quail bird to ensure that future generations get to witness the bird's beauty and contribution to the ecosystem.

Other names

Perdicula argoondah



Rock Bush Quail

guatlla roquera



narančastočela prepelica

křepelka skalní




Perdicule argoondah


Quaglietta del deserto


kalninė džiunglinė putpelė


przepióreczka skalna


Скальный кустарниковый перепел

Kamenjarska prepelica

jarabička skalná

Perdicilla argundá


Taşlık Cüce Bıldırcını

перепілка скельна