Blue-throated Piping Guan (Pipile cumanensis)

The Blue-throated Piping Guan is a large and striking bird found only in Mexico. This fascinating bird is known for its unique features, including its impressive size and distinctive blue plumage on its throat.

The Blue-throated Piping Guan is a rare animal with a limited range, which is found only in the southwestern part of Mexico, in the countries of Veracruz, Oaxaca, and Puebla. It inhabits tropical and subtropical montane forests at elevations of 1,500 to 3,000 meters above sea level. The bird is a member of the Cracidae family, a group of birds known for their impressive vocalizations and colorful plumage.

One of the most striking physical features of the Blue-throated Piping Guan is the blue feathers on its throat, which contrast with its otherwise white face and black and brown body. It also has a distinctive blue head crest and a red patch of bare skin around its eyes. Males are slightly larger than females, with an average length of 81 cm and a weight of around 1.5 kg.

The Blue-throated Piping Guan is a frugivorous bird, feeding mainly on fruit, including figs, guavas, and palms, but also eat insects, leaves, and flowers. They forage on the ground or in the trees, and when not feeding, they spend time perching high up in the trees.

These birds are monogamous and solitary nesters, with the female laying a clutch of one to three eggs in a tree cavity, created by another creature or in a termite nest. Both the male and female take turns incubating the eggs and caring for the chicks, which typically fledge five to six weeks after they hatch.

Despite being a striking and fascinating bird, the population of the Blue-throated Piping Guan has been declining for several decades, mainly due to habitat destruction and hunting for bushmeat and its feathers. Conservation efforts are being made to protect and increase the population of this rare and unique bird species.

Other names

Pipile cumanensis



Blue-throated Piping Guan

guan xiulador gorjablau



plavogrli guan

guan modrohrdlý

Blåstrubet Fløjtehøne



Pénélope à gorge bleue


Guan fischiatore golablu


mėlyngurklė pipilė


grdacz modrogardły


Голубогорлая абурри

Plavogrli guan

morkovec modrohrdlý

Pava goliazul

blåstrupig guan

Mavi Gerdanlı Islıkçı Guan

абурі-крикун білоголовий


kéktorkú guán