Red-billed Spurfowl (Pternistis adspersus)

The Red-billed Spurfowl bird also known as the Spur-winged Plover is a species of bird found in sub-Saharan Africa. Its scientific name is Pternistis adspersus and it belongs to the family of Phasianidae.

The bird's most notable feature is its bright red bill that stands out against its dark feathered body. It measures about 33cm long and weighs about 425g. Its wingspan ranges from 50cm to 60cm long. Both sexes look identical, though males have a larger spur than females on their legs.

These birds are ground-dwelling and can be found in open grasslands, savannas and cultivated areas. They tend to be active during the day, mainly spending their time foraging for food on the ground. The Red-billed Spurfowl bird's diet mostly consists of seeds, insects and small invertebrates such as snails and worms.

Breeding season for these birds usually takes place between November and December. During this time, male birds can be seen performing displays to attract a mate. Once a mate is found, both birds build a nest together, typically in a shallow scrape on the ground, lining it with grass and other vegetation. Females usually lay between 8 - 12 eggs per clutch, which are incubated for around 21 days.

Red-billed Spurfowl birds are known to be social birds, living in flocks of up to 30 individuals. They are also territorial, and both males and females will defend their territories year-round.

In many African cultures, these birds are considered a delicacy and are hunted as game birds, often leading to a decline in their numbers. Despite this, the Red-billed Spurfowl bird remains a common sight in many African countries.

Overall, the Red-billed Spurfowl bird remains an important part of the ecosystem in sub-Saharan Africa and is admired for its striking appearance and fascinating behavior.

Other names

Pternistis adspersus



Red-billed Spurfowl

francolí bec-roig



crvenokljuna jarebica

frankolín červenozobý

Rødnæbbet Frankolin



Francolin à bec rouge


Francolino beccorosso


raudonsnapis frankolinas


szponiastonóg krasnodzioby


Красноклювый турач

Crvenokljuni frankolin

frankolínec červenozobý

Francolín piquirrojo

rödnäbbad sporrhöna

Al Gagalı Turaç

турач червонодзьобий


viirfrankoliin (viir-frankoliinkana)

pettyes frankolin