Mount Cameroon Spurfowl (Pternistis camerunensis)

The Mount Cameroon Spurfowl bird, also known as the Mount Cameroon Francolin, is a species of bird found in the dense forests and grasslands of Cameroon, Africa. It is a medium-sized bird, with a length of about 40-50 cm and a weight of around 700-1000 g. The male and female birds differ in their appearance, with the male having a bluish-grey head and brown crown, while the female has a brown head and a rufous crown.

The Mount Cameroon Spurfowl bird is mainly active during the day and spends its time foraging for food on the ground. Its diet consists of a variety of seeds, insects, and fruits. It also has a unique habit of dust-bathing, which helps to keep its feathers clean and free of parasites.

One of the most distinctive features of the Mount Cameroon Spurfowl bird is its call, which can be heard from a distance. It is a loud and clear whistle that is often repeated several times to attract a mate or to establish its territory.

This bird is considered a vulnerable species due to habitat loss and hunting. The dense forests where it resides are being cleared for agriculture and human settlements, which is shrinking its natural range. Additionally, it is being hunted for its meat, feathers, and as a form of traditional medicine.

Efforts are being made to protect the Mount Cameroon Spurfowl bird through habitat conservation, awareness, and education programs. The local community is being encouraged to participate in the conservation of this bird by promoting sustainable hunting practices and preserving its natural habitat.

Overall, the Mount Cameroon Spurfowl bird is a fascinating species that adds to the rich biodiversity of Cameroon. Its striking appearance, unique call, and habitat preferences make it an important bird for conservation efforts in the region.

Other names

Pternistis camerunensis



Mount Cameroon Spurfowl

francolí del mont Camerun



kamerunska jarebica

frankolín kamerunský




Francolin du Cameroun


Francolino del Camerun


kamerūninis frankolinas


szponiastonóg kameruński


Камерунский турач

Kamerunski frankolin

frankolínec kamerunský

Francolín del Camerún


Kamerun Dağı Turacı

турач камерунський

kameruni frankoliin (kameruni frankoliinkana)

kameruni frankolin