Scaly Spurfowl (Pternistis squamatus)

The Scaly Spurfowl (Galloperdix scutulata) is a medium-sized bird found in South Asia, specifically in parts of India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, and Pakistan. It belongs to the family Phasianidae, which includes pheasants, partridges, and quails. The Scaly Spurfowl is also known by other names such as Scaly-breasted Spurfowl and Painted Spurfowl.

The Scaly Spurfowl is a distinctive bird with a mottled brownish-golden plumage and a scaly pattern on its breast, hence its name. It has a small crest on its head, and its beak is short and curved. The male and female look similar, though the male may have a reddish-brown hue to its chest and a slightly larger size.

Scaly Spurfowl prefers living in forested areas, scrubs, and open grasslands. They are ground-dwelling birds and are often found foraging in small groups for seeds, fruits, insects, and small animals. Sometimes they even get into agricultural land and feed on crops, which can make them a pest for farmers. scaly spurfowl are mainly non-migratory and remain within the breeding territory throughout the year.

Males are territorial and often engage in vocal duels with rivals to defend their territory and mate. They also display an impressive courtship dance where they raise their wings and tail feathers, puff up their chest, and jump up and down while calling out loudly. The Scaly Spurfowl usually breeds during the monsoon season, nesting on the ground in a shallow scrape lined with leaves or grass.

The Scaly Spurfowl is not globally threatened and has a stable population. However, habitat loss due to deforestation and agricultural expansion and hunting for meat can affect their population in some areas. As active foragers of insects and weed seeds, They also have an ecological role in maintaining the ecosystem balance.

Overall, the Scaly Spurfowl is a fascinating and unique bird that adds to the biodiversity of South Asia. With increasing habitat conservation measures and awareness, these birds can continue to thrive in their native range.

Other names

Pternistis squamatus



Scaly Spurfowl

francolí escatós



mrka jarebica

frankolín šupinkatý


Geschubde Frankolijn


Francolin écaillé


Francolino squamato


žvynuotasis frankolinas


szponiastonóg łuskowany


Чешуйчатый турач

Ljuskasti frankolin

frankolínec šupinatý

Francolín escamoso

fjällig sporrhöna

Pullu Turaç

турач тропічний

tuhkfrankoliin (tuhk-frankoliinkana)