Nahan's Partridge (Ptilopachus nahani)

The Nahan's Partridge bird, also known as the Himalayan Hill Partridge, is a tiny game bird that is mainly found in the Himalayas, ranging from northern Pakistan to western Nepal. This bird measures 25–31 cm in length and weighs around 450-500 g. The male and female are almost identical, with brownish-grey feathers and a white and black pattern on the neck, chest, and wings. Their diet primarily consists of seeds, berries, and insects.

Nahan's Partridge birds prefer to live in the dense forests, where they can find a lot of cover to protect them from predators. They are shy and elusive and can be difficult to spot in their natural habitat. However, they are sometimes seen foraging on the forest floor or perched on a tree branch.

These birds are known for their unique behavior during the breeding season. Typically, the males will establish their territories, and then they will begin a courtship ritual to attract a female mate. The mating ritual of Nahan's Partridge involves the males dancing and displaying their feathers by fluffing them up, bobbing their heads, and making low cooing sounds. Once they have mated, the female will lay approximately 5-7 eggs in a shallow nest built in the ground, which she will incubate for around 22-23 days.

Sadly, the population of Nahan's Partridge has been declining in recent years due to habitat loss and hunting. These birds are being hunted for their meat or kept as pets, which has caused their population to dwindle. Conservation efforts are underway to preserve this bird's population and protect their habitat to provide them with a safe environment in which to breed and thrive.

In conclusion, the Nahan's Partridge bird is an elusive species only found in the Himalayas, and it's an important part of the ecosystem. While efforts are being made to save this bird, it's still important to raise awareness about their plight to help protect them from habitat loss and hunting. Through education and conservation, we hope to ensure the Nahan's Partridge bird population continues to thrive in their natural habitat.

Other names

Ptilopachus nahani



Nahan's Partridge

perdiu de Naham



šumska jarebica

křepel iturský


Nahans Frankolijn


Poulette de Nahan


Francolino di Nahan


konginis frankolinas


kuraczek leśny


Итурийский турач

Nahanov frankolin

kurôpka lesná

Gallinita de Nahan


Nahan Kekliği

турач ітурійський

uganda frankoliin (uganda-frankoliinkana)