Malayan Crested Argus (Rheinardia nigrescens)

The Malayan Crested Argus is a large, brightly colored bird species that is native to Southeast Asia, specifically found in Malaysia, Thailand, and other nearby areas. It belongs to the family Phasianidae of birds and is known for the beautiful crest of feathers on its head which gives it its name.

The Malayan Crested Argus is a ground bird and can be found in dense rainforests, heavily wooded areas with deep valleys, and often near streams. It is a solitary bird that prefers to stay hidden in the thick undergrowth and feed on insects, small mammals, reptiles, and berries.

This bird has a stunning appearance with vivid, intricate patterns on its feathers that vary by gender. Male birds have bright blue and orange feathers with a long, dark-colored tail, while the females have more muted brown and black feathers with a short tail. Both the male and female birds have the prominent crest of feathers on their head.

The breeding season for the Malayan Crested Argus starts in March and lasts until August. During this period, males display their beautiful feather patterns and perform elaborate mating dances to attract females. They also make loud calls that can be heard from a distance and are essential for territorial marking.

Despite its beautiful appearance, the population of the Malayan Crested Argus is listed as vulnerable due to habitat loss and poaching. It is prized by hunters for its meat, feathers, and skin, and thus, hunting poses a significant threat to this species.

Conservation efforts are in place to protect and conserve this beautiful bird. The Malayan Crested Argus is protected by laws in Malaysia and Thailand, and several protected areas have been established where the bird can thrive.

The Malayan Crested Argus bird is a magnificent creature that deserves our attention and protection to ensure its survival for generations to come. With the right conservation efforts, we can help this species recover, and with hope, we will hear their loud calls echoing through the rainforest for hundreds of years to come.

Other names

Rheinardia nigrescens



Malayan Crested Argus


dugokresti paun

argus malajský


Maleise Gekuifde Argusfazant

Argus à crête



argus górski


Malezijski argus fazan

argus vrkočatý

Argo Ocelado


Malay Tepeli Argusu

malai pärlfaasan