Pink-headed Duck (Rhodonessa caryophyllacea)

The Pink-headed Duck, or Rhodonessa caryophyllacea, is a rare waterfowl species found in the Indian subcontinent. Once a widespread species in the region, the Pink-headed Duck is now believed to be extinct or nearly extinct, with no confirmed sightings in the wild since the 1950s.

The Pink-headed Duck is a medium-sized duck, with distinctive pinkish-brown feathers on their head, neck, and chest. Their wings and tail feathers are dark brown, with a white patch on their sides. They have a blunt bill and webbed feet perfect for swimming and diving in shallow water bodies.

The Pink-headed Duck was commonly found in the wetlands and marshes of the Indian subcontinent. They preferred still or slow-moving water bodies, such as swamps, lakes, and shallow ponds, where they could feed on aquatic plants, seeds, insects, and small aquatic animals. They were also known to build their nests in the dense vegetation surrounding these water bodies.

Unfortunately, the Pink-headed Duck is believed to have become extinct due to habitat loss and hunting. The widespread drainage and conversion of wetlands for agriculture, settlement, and infrastructure development have greatly reduced their natural habitat. Moreover, their unique pinkish feathers made them a prime target for hunters, who coveted their hides for clothes and other forms of decoration.

Efforts have been made to find and conserve the Pink-headed Duck, including captive breeding programs and habitat restoration projects. However, these efforts are hindered by the lack of confirmed sightings of the species in the wild, making it difficult to determine the extent of their population decline and their exact conservation needs.

In conclusion, the Pink-headed Duck is a unique and fascinating species of waterfowl, which unfortunately is believed to have become extinct or nearly extinct due to habitat loss and human hunting. It serves as a poignant reminder of the urgent need to conserve and restore wetlands and other natural habitats, and protect vulnerable species from human exploitation and destruction.

Other names

Rhodonessa caryophyllacea



Pink-headed Duck

ànec de cap rosat



ružičastoglava patka

kachna růžovohlavá

Rosenhovedet And



Nette à cou rose


Anatra testarosa


raudongalvė antis




Розовоголовая утка

Ružičastoglava patka

ružovokrčka močiarna

Pato cabecirrosado


Pembe Başlı Ördek

качка рожевоголова


rózsásfejű réce