Red-winged Tinamou (Rhynchotus rufescens)

The Red-winged Tinamou is a species of ground-dwelling bird found in the humid forests and open woodlands of South and Central America. They have a plump body, short tail, and long legs that allow them to move easily on the forest floor. Their feathers are primarily brown, with a distinctive reddish-brown coloration on their wings. They also have a small, curved beak, and a distinctive red patch on their forehead.

These birds are primarily herbivores, feeding on a variety of fruits, seeds, and other plant matter. They are typically solitary creatures, though they may occasionally join with other tinamous to forage or breed. The breeding season for the Red-winged Tinamou typically occurs in the rainy season, and the male will often perform elaborate courtship displays to attract a mate.

The Red-winged Tinamou is a shy and elusive bird, making them difficult to spot in the wild. They are primarily active during the early morning and late afternoon, resting during the heat of the day. Despite their elusive nature, they play an important role in their ecosystem as seed dispersers, helping to spread the seeds of the plants they consume.

Unfortunately, the Red-winged Tinamou is facing numerous threats in the wild. Habitat loss due to deforestation and agriculture is a major issue, and they are also hunted for their meat. In addition, they are particularly vulnerable to predation from introduced species such as feral cats and dogs.

Conservation efforts are underway to protect the Red-winged Tinamou, including the establishment of protected areas and the regulation of hunting practices. With continued efforts to conserve their habitat and address the threats facing them, these unique and elusive birds may continue to thrive in the wild for years to come.

Other names

Rhynchotus rufescens



Red-winged Tinamou

tinamú d'ales vermelloses



crvenokrili tinamu

tinama inambu




Tinamou isabelle


Tinamo alirosse


raudonsparnis tinamas


kusacz rdzawoskrzydły


Краснокрылый тинаму

Crvenokrili tinamu

inambu vlnkovaný

Tinamú alirrojo

rostvingad tinamo

Kırmızı Kanatlı Tinamu

інамбу рудошиїй