Crested Partridge (Rollulus rouloul)

The Crested Partridge is a bird found in the forests and grasslands of Southeast Asia. It resembles a gamebird with its rounded body and short tail. The bird is plump with grey breast, scales on the lower belly, white throat, and rusty brown wings. Its most distinctive feature is the prominent black crest on the top of its head, which sets it apart from other partridges. The crest is elongated and tapers to a point.

The Crested Partridge is relatively quiet compared to other birds. It typically communicates through soft coos, which are most often heard during the breeding season. Crested Partridges are also known to be skittish birds that are very quick on their feet, and as a result, they are quite challenging to hunt.

These birds prefer to live in dense forests or deep grasslands where they have plenty of cover and protection from predators. They are often found in pairs or small groups, usually consisting of one male and several females. The Crested Partridge is known to be territorial, and pairs defend their breeding territory against other bird species and intruding Crested Partridges.

These birds are omnivores and their diet consists of a variety of nuts, seeds, fruits, and insects that are found in their natural habitat. They have a preference for ants and termites, which make up a significant portion of their diet.

The Crested Partridge is considered to be a popular game bird and is hunted for sport or traditional cuisine. However, these birds are also threatened by habitat loss due to deforestation and expanding urbanization. The International Union for Conservation of Nature has categorized the Crested Partridge as a species of "Least Concern" due to its relatively stable population.

Overall, the Crested Partridge is an interesting and beautiful bird known for its distinctive crest and territorial behavior. It is an integral part of the ecosystem in Southeast Asia and plays a crucial role in maintaining the balance of the natural habitat.

Other names

Rollulus rouloul



Crested Partridge

rul-rul crestat



kukmasta trčka

koroptev korunkatá




Rouloul couronné


Pernice crestata


kuoduotoji kurapka




Венценосная куропатка

Crvenoćuba prepelica

rulrul korunkatý

Perdiz rulrul


Tepeli Keklik

куріпка червоночуба



Puyuh sengayan