Salvadori's Teal (Salvadorina waigiuensis)

The Salvadori's teal (Salvadorina waigiuensis) is a beautiful and rare bird found only in a handful of locations in Indonesia. This small duck species is unique in many ways, boasting iridescent green feathers on its head and white spots on its wings. Its scientific name honors Tommaso Salvadori, a nineteenth-century Italian ornithologist who was an expert on bird species from Southeast Asia.

The Salvadori's teal inhabits freshwater wetlands within the Waigeo and Batanta islands in Indonesia. Its habitat preference makes it vulnerable to habitat destruction through wetland drainage and human development. It is also threatened by increased predation from invasive species such as feral pigs and snakes.

The Salvadori's teal is a poorly studied species, and as a result, little is known about their behavior and breeding patterns. However, it is believed that these ducks are monogamous and nest within dense vegetation, making it difficult for scientists to study and protect them.

The population of Salvadori's teal is at risk, and their numbers are in decline due to habitat loss, predation, and hunting for food and feathers. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has designated the species as "Vulnerable," meaning it is at high risk of extinction in the wild.

Conservation efforts to protect the Salvadori's teal include establishing protected areas, monitoring the species' population and habitat, and working with local communities to raise awareness about the bird's plight. It is important to prevent further habitat destruction, control invasive predators, and prevent illegal hunting of the species.

In conclusion, the Salvadori's teal is an extraordinary bird that needs our protection and conservation efforts. Its rarity, unique features, and importance as a symbol of the natural heritage of Indonesia make it a prime candidate for conservation efforts. We must work to preserve its wetland habitats and protect it from invasive species and illegal hunting to ensure its survival for future generations.

Other names

Salvadorina waigiuensis



Salvadori's Teal

ànec de Salvadori



papuanska patka

kachna krahujková


Salvadori's Eend


Canard de Salvadori


Anatra di Salvadori


Salvadorio antis




Полосатая утка

Novogvinejska patka iz brzaka

kačuľa pásikavá

Ánade papúa


Salvadori Ördeği

качка смугаста

paapua kosepart


Itik gunung