Grey-winged Francolin (Scleroptila afra)

The Grey-winged Francolin, also known as the Grey-winged Spurfowl, is a unique species of bird that belongs to the family Phasianidae. This species is native to Africa, and it is found in the eastern parts of the continent, including countries such as Ethiopia, Somalia, Tanzania, and Kenya.

The Grey-winged Francolin is a small to medium-sized bird that weighs around 420 to 470 grams. It is characterized by a distinctive grey coloration on its wings, with a white throat and a black-and-white head. The male and female Grey-winged Francolins are similar in appearance, but the male has a slightly longer tail than the female.

The Grey-winged Francolin is typically found in open grasslands, savannas, and scrublands, and it feeds on a variety of seeds, fruits, and insects. This bird is known for its distinctive call, which is often heard in the early morning and late afternoon. The call of the Grey-winged Francolin is a repeated low-pitched hoot, which sounds like "woop-woop-woop-woop."

The breeding season for Grey-winged Francolins usually occurs during the rainy season in their natural habitat. The female Grey-winged Francolin lays around 3-5 eggs which are incubated for about 21 days. The chicks are born with a brownish-grey downy coat and are able to leave the nest 1-2 days after hatching.

Unfortunately, the Grey-winged Francolin is considered a species of concern, with populations declining due to habitat loss and hunting. However, there are conservation efforts being made to protect their habitats and preserve this unique bird species.

In conclusion, the Grey-winged Francolin is a fascinating bird species with distinctive features and calls. Although they are facing challenges, these birds are still a remarkable species worth preserving and protecting for future generations to come.

Other names

Scleroptila afra



Grey-winged Francolin

francolí jugular



južnoafrička jarebica

frankolín jihoafrický

Gråvinget Frankolin



Francolin à ailes grises


Francolino aligrigie


pilkasparnis frankolinas


frankolin szaroskrzydły


Серокрылый турач

Sivokrili frankolin

frankolín sivokrídly

Francolín aligrís

gråvingad frankolin

Yayla Turacı

турач сірокрилий


lõunafrankoliin (lõuna-frankoliinkana)

szürkeszárnyú frankolin