Orange River Francolin (Scleroptila gutturalis)

The Orange River Francolin, also known as the Orange River Partridge or the Orangew River Spurfowl, is a popular game bird found in southern Africa. It belongs to the Phasianidae family of birds, which includes pheasants, quails, and partridges.

The Orange River Francolin is a medium-sized bird, measuring around 33-36 cm in length and weighing around 350-450 grams. The male and female birds have different appearances, with the male having a distinctive black mask around its eyes and a dark brown breast, while the female has a buff-colored throat and breast and a smaller mask.

These birds are found in the Kalahari Desert, savannas, and shrublands of southern Africa, particularly in South Africa, Namibia, and Botswana. They are known to be ground-dwelling birds and are usually seen in groups of two to six.

The Orange River Francolin is a monogamous bird, with the pair forming a strong bond during the breeding season. The female bird usually lays 6-10 eggs in a shallow scrape, which she incubates for around 22-25 days. After hatching, the chicks are capable of foraging for themselves and can fly after around 10-14 days.

The diet of the Orange River Francolin consists mainly of seeds, insects, and small invertebrates. They are known to feed on the ground, using their strong beaks to dig up roots and bulbs.

Despite being a popular game bird, the Orange River Francolin is not considered to be endangered or threatened. However, habitat loss and destruction due to human activities such as urbanization and farming have had an impact on their populations in some areas.

In conclusion, the Orange River Francolin is a fascinating bird with a unique appearance and interesting behavior. While they are commonly hunted for sport, it is important to ensure the conservation of their habitat to ensure their continued survival and thriving.

Other names

Scleroptila gutturalis



Orange River Francolin

francolí de l'Orange



bjelogrla jarebica

frankolín čárkoprsý


Archers Frankolijn


Francolin d’Archer


Francolino dell'Orange


kurapkinis frankolinas


frankolin akacjowy


Куропатковый турач

Akacijin frankolin

frankolín trávny

Francolín del Orange


Akasya Turacı

турач південний


valgekurk-frankoliin (valgekurk-frankoliinkana)