Red-winged Francolin (Scleroptila levaillantii)

The Red-winged Francolin bird, also known as the Red-winged Spurfowl, is a small and attractive bird species that belongs to the Phasianidae family. They are found in the savannas and grasslands of sub-Saharan Africa, from Senegal to Ethiopia and down to South Africa.

This bird species is easy to identify due to its striking features. The male bird is bright chestnut with distinct black markings on its head and white spots on its wings. Its wings have red feathers, while its tail is brown with black markings. The female bird, on the other hand, has a similar appearance to the male, but with less prominent markings.

The Red-winged Francolin is a ground-dwelling bird that spends most of its time foraging for food in the grasslands. They feed on small insects, seeds, and fruits. These birds have a unique way of foraging, which involves scratching the ground with their strong legs to uncover food.

Red-winged Francolin birds are social and are usually found in small groups or pairs. During the breeding season, the male bird will court the female with a display of physical movements and calls. The female will then create a shallow nest in the grass to lay her eggs.

This bird species is a popular game bird and is commonly hunted for the table. However, due to its widespread distribution and large population size, the Red-winged Francolin is not considered endangered.

In conclusion, the Red-winged Francolin is a stunning bird species that is admired for its vibrant colors and charming behavior. It is an important part of the ecosystem, playing a crucial role in seed dispersion and insect control. With its adaptability to changing environments, this bird is expected to thrive in the future, and its presence will continue to be appreciated by bird lovers and hunters alike.

Other names

Scleroptila levaillantii



Red-winged Francolin

francolí de Levaillant



riđopjegava jarebica

frankolín rezavokřídlý

Rødvinget Frankolin



Francolin de Levaillant


Francolino alirosse


raudonsparnis frankolinas


frankolin rudoskrzydły


Краснокрылый турач

Crvenokrili frankolin

frankolín hrdzavokrídly

Francolín alirrojo

rödvingad frankolin

Kızıl Göğüslü Turaç

турач рудокрилий


orufrankoliin (oru-frankoliinkana)

vörösszárnyú frankolin