Todd's Nightjar (Setopagis heterura)

The Todd's Nightjar bird, commonly known as the Caprimulgus Toddii, is a species of nightjar found in the southeastern parts of South Africa, Lesotho, and Swaziland. This bird's unique features distinguish it from other nightjars, including a relatively smaller body size and a shorter tail.

The Todd's Nightjar feeds primarily on insects such as moths, beetles, and grasshoppers, and it hunts at night and dawn. The bird's large eyes and keen sense of hearing make it an efficient hunter that can swoop down and catch its prey mid-flight. This bird's silent flight further aids its nocturnal hunting, enabling it to sneak upon unsuspecting prey with ease.

The Todd's Nightjar's preferred habitats are rocky outcrops, grasslands, and savannas, providing a suitable breeding ground for the species. The male birds usually attract mates with their distinct display calls and by performing aerial displays, like flying up in the sky and tumbling down in a unique pattern. After mating, the female lays two eggs on bare soil, where they are incubated for roughly a month.

Unfortunately, habitat destruction and over-harvesting of resources have drastically reduced the Todd's Nightjar's numbers in recent years, and it is currently considered vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). This bird prefers nesting on bare soils or rocky outcrops in grasslands, savannas which are continually being destroyed by human activities such as urbanization and mining, and this is a significant threat to the species.

Conservation efforts are crucial to protecting the Todd's Nightjar from becoming extinct. Authorities can support the birds by protecting their habitats and enforcing wildlife conservation laws. Additionally, education campaigns to create public awareness and encourage responsible environmental practices can be effective in minimizing human activities that endanger the bird's existence.

Overall, the Todd's Nightjar is a fascinating bird that plays an essential role in the ecosystem, and preserving its existence should be a priority for all.

Other names

Setopagis heterura



Todd's Nightjar

enganyapastors de Todd



venecuelski leganj

Santa Marta-natravn

Todds Nachtzwaluw


Engoulevent de Todd


Succiacapre di Todd


Todo lėlys


lelkowiec płowy


Сантамартийский козодой

Todov leganj

lelek Toddov

Chotacabras de Todd


Todd Çobanaldatanı

дрімлюга колумбійський