Jamaican Poorwill (Siphonorhis americana)

The Jamaican Poorwill bird is an interesting and unique bird species that is found specifically on the island of Jamaica. It belongs to the nightjar family and is a nocturnal bird, which means it is most active during the night.

The Jamaican Poorwill is relatively small in size, measuring only about seven inches long. They have short, rounded wings and a plump body, which makes them an excellent flyer. Their color is mostly brown, with white spots on their feathers, which helps them blend in with their surroundings in the wild.

The Jamaican Poorwill is known for its unusual feeding habits. Unlike most birds that feed on insects, fruits, and seeds, the Jamaican Poorwill feeds mostly on snails, which are a great source of protein. They hunt for snails by flying above the trees, identifying their prey by listening to the sounds of their shells cracking. Once they locate their prey, they dive-swoop down and catch the snail in their mouth, swallowing it whole.

The Jamaican Poorwill is also known for its unique vocalization, particularly during their mating season. They produce a loud, whistling sound that echoes throughout the forest, which can be heard from a distance. This sound is often compared to the sound of a train whistle.

Sadly, like many other bird species in Jamaica, the Jamaican Poorwill is in danger of extinction due to habitat loss mainly due to deforestation and human settlements that destroy their natural habitats. Conservation efforts have been put in place to protect this species, and it is essential that more efforts be made to preserve this unique bird species for future generations to appreciate.

In conclusion, the Jamaican Poorwill is an intriguing and unique bird species found exclusively on the island of Jamaica. It is a nocturnal bird and feeds primarily on snails. Despite their unique characteristics, the Jamaican Poorwill, like many other bird species, is threatened by habitat loss and human activities. Maintaining a sustainable environment for the Jamaican Poorwill is crucial to their survival and preserving the diversity of species on the island of Jamaica.

Other names

Siphonorhis americana



Jamaican Poorwill

enganyapastors de Jamaica



jamajčki leganj

lelek jamajský




Engoulevent de Jamaïque


Succiacapre della Giamaica


jamaikinis lėlys


lelkowiec jamajski


Ямайский козодой

Jamajkanski paurake leganj

lelek jamajský

Chotacabras jamaicano


Jamaika Porağı

пораке ямайський

jamaika öösorr

jamaicai estifecske