Blue-billed Teal (Spatula hottentota)

The Blue-billed Teal bird is a small, attractive waterfowl species found in Southern parts of South America. It is also known as Argentine Blue-bill, Brazilian Blue-bill, Brazilian Teal, and Andean Teal. The bird is named after its distinguishing feature, the bright blue-colored bill that gives it a unique appearance.

The male Blue-billed Teal is slightly larger than the female, measuring up to 38 cm in length. Its plumage is mostly gray-brown, with a blue-green patch on the wings and a white-bordered black patch around the eye. The female is similar in appearance, but with less contrast in the plumage. Juveniles are duller and lack the blue-green wing patch.

The Blue-billed Teal is a strictly aquatic bird, and can be spotted in various wetland habitats including marshes, rivers, freshwater lakes, and ponds. It is primarily a herbivore, feeding on aquatic plants, algae, and seeds. They also occasionally consume small invertebrates.

During breeding season, which starts in September, the males display a fascinating courtship ritual. They swim around the female while nodding their heads and quacking, all while their blue bills shine in the sunlight. Once a pair bonds, they build a nest on the water's edge by piling together a few dead plant stems. The female lays around 5-10 eggs and incubates them for about a month.

The Blue-billed Teal is classified as a Least Concern species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). However, like many waterfowl species, its population is threatened by wetland destruction, overhunting, and pollution. Conservation efforts have included the creation of protected wetland areas and restrictions on hunting.

In conclusion, the Blue-billed Teal is a fascinating bird with a unique appearance and interesting behavior. Its beautiful blue bill adds to the charm of this small waterfowl. Despite being a Least Concern species, the need to protect wetland habitats becomes increasingly important so that we can continue to marvel at the beauty of this blue-billed wonder.

Other names

Spatula hottentota



Blue-billed Teal

xarxet hotentot



hotentotska patka

čírka tečkovaná




Sarcelle hottentote


Alzavola ottentotta


dėmėtoji kryklė


srebrzanka hotentocka


Пятнистый чирок

Afrička krdža

kačica bodkovaná

Cerceta hotentote


Nübye Ördeği

чирянка жовтощока

Gevlekte Eend


hottentotta réce