Puna Teal (Spatula puna)

The Puna Teal bird is a waterfowl species that is found in the high-altitude wetlands of the Andean regions of South America. This bird is also known as the South American Teal and the Andean Teal. The Puna Teal is a small bird, measuring about 36 cm in length and weighing around 335 grams.

The male Puna Teal has a striking appearance with its iridescent green-black head and neck. Its body is predominantly brown with a whitish chest, and it has a distinct white patch on the side of its face. Females, on the other hand, have a duller appearance with brownish-grey plumage. Both males and females have reddish-brown eyes and dark grey-blue bills.

The Puna Teal is a highly social bird and is mostly found in flocks. They feed on insects, seeds, and aquatic vegetation. During the breeding season, males display an elaborate courtship behavior involving head-shaking, whistling and dipping of their bills. The nests of this bird are built on the ground, usually hidden among the vegetation close to the water's edge. The female lays 6-10 eggs and incubates them for around 29 days.

Sadly, the Puna Teal is currently classified as a vulnerable species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The main threat to the Puna Teal is habitat loss due to wetland drainage and overgrazing of the Andean grasslands. Hunting and competition with introduced fish species have also contributed to the decline of this bird's population.

Efforts are being made to conserve this bird through the protection of its wetland habitats and captive breeding programs. It is crucial to protect and conserve the Puna Teal as it plays a vital role in the Andean wetland ecosystem and is a significant indicator of habitat health. The Puna Teal is a beautiful bird of the Andes that deserves our attention and protection.

Other names

Spatula puna



Puna Teal

xarxet de la Puna



punska patka

čírka punová




Sarcelle de la puna


Alzavola della puna


Punos kryklė


srebrzanka andyjska


Чирок пуны

Punska krdža

kačica modrozobá

Cerceta de la puna


Puna Ördeği

чирянка пунайська


ezüstcsőrű réce