Silver Teal (Spatula versicolor)

The Silver Teal is a striking waterfowl species that is native to South America. It is easily recognizable due to its unique appearance and distinctive blue-green plumage. The bird is small in size, around 18- 20cm in length, with a wingspan of roughly 50-53 cm.

The male and female Silver Teal birds look quite similar in appearance, with both having striking plumage. The male has a more prominent blue-green coloration on its head, whereas the female has more of a brownish-green hue. Both the male and female have beautiful patterns on their wings, which enhance their beauty even further.

The Silver Teal inhabits wetlands, marshes, and shallow lagoons of South America and is excellent at swimming and diving, as well as flying. They are highly social birds and can be found living in large flocks, sometimes exceeding hundreds of birds, during the non-breeding season.

The Silver Teal feeds on aquatic plants, insects, and invertebrates, as well as small fish and crustaceans. They forage by diving into the water and swimming, or by dabbling and upending in shallow water.

During the breeding season, the male Silver Teal performs an elaborate courtship display to attract a mate. This display involves swimming in and out of the water while raising its head and tail high and making calls to attract the female.

The Silver Teal breeds from October to December, with nesting sites often located near water bodies. They typically lay around six to ten eggs and the incubation period lasts around 22-24 days. After hatching, the chicks are fed by both parents and are capable of swimming and diving within a few days.

Sadly, like many other bird species, the Silver Teal bird is facing multiple threats such as habitat loss and pollution, leading to a significant population decline. It is crucial to protect their natural habitats and raise awareness of the importance of conservation efforts to ensure their survival in the wild. Overall, the Silver Teal is a beautiful and graceful bird that deserves our attention and care.

Other names

Spatula versicolor



Silver Teal

xarxet encaputxat



modrokljuna patka

čírka modrozobá




Sarcelle bariolée


Alzavola argentata


sidabrinė antis


srebrzanka modrodzioba


Разноцветный чирок

Srebrna krdža

kačica striebristá

Cerceta capuchina


Kırçıllı Ördek

чирянка чорноголова