Bronze-winged Duck (Speculanas specularis)

The Bronze-winged Duck (Speculanas specularis) is a unique species of bird found in South America, especially in the southern region of Chile and Argentina. The bronze colouring in the wings of the ducks is fabulous, which is the source of their name. They are a small-sized bird of approximately 38-46cm length and weigh around 400-600gm. Males typically have a more colorful beak than females, with an iridescent blue-green color, while females have an orange or brown-colored beak.

These ducks are solitary birds and usually dwell in the dense forest areas of South America. They prefer freshwater ponds, swamps, and riversides for breeding and feeding. The ducks feed on insects, small snails, crustaceans, and plants. They are known for having a unique feeding habit. They usually feed during the night and hide in thick vegetation during the day.

The Bronze-winged Duck is a beautiful bird but is facing some threats with its habitat. One of the leading threats to their habitat comes from deforestation, which is causing a decrease in their population. Wetland destruction, pollution of freshwater habitats, and the damming of rivers also adversely impact their population. These threats have led to the classification of the Bronze-winged Duck as a "Near Threatened" bird species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

Conservation efforts that focus on protecting water habitats and reducing environmental pollution are essential to ensure the continued existence of the Bronze-winged Duck. Additionally, the conservation body has suggested restricting hunting activities and increasing the knowledge regarding their conservation in local communities.

In conclusion, the Bronze-winged Duck is a unique and beautiful bird species present in South America. Their beautiful bronze-colored wings and unique feeding habits make them an essential part of the ecosystem. However, the species is facing a significant threat due to habitat loss, wetland destruction, and pollution, which is why conservation efforts are essential to ensure the continued survival of this bird.

Other names

Speculanas specularis



Bronze-winged Duck

ànec de galtes blanques



bjelogrla patka

kachna bronzovokřídlá

Bronzevinget And



Canard à lunettes


Anatra dagli occhiali


akiniuotoji antis




Бронзовокрылая утка

Naočarasta patka

kačica bronzovokrídla

Ánade anteojillo

bronsvingad and

Gözlüklü Ördek

крижень білошиїй


szemüveges réce