Freckled Duck (Stictonetta naevosa)

The Freckled Duck is a unique species of waterbird, which is found only in Australia. This species is known for its distinct appearance, with fine black spots covering its grey-black feathered body, giving it its characteristic freckled appearance. It is a medium sized duck species, measuring between 46-51 centimetres in length and weighing between 550-800 grams.

Freckled Ducks are mainly found in freshwater wetlands, swamps, and lakes. They prefer shallow water, and can be seen diving underwater to feed on aquatic plants, insects, and crustaceans. They typically breed during the wet season, between February and August, and their breeding behaviour is rather unique as they tend to form monogamous pairs and nest in dense vegetation on the ground near water bodies.

Sadly, the Freckled Duck is considered a vulnerable species due to a number of factors including habitat loss and degradation, drought, hunting and predation by animals like foxes and feral cats. In an effort to protect and conserve these birds, several programs have been established which include monitoring their populations, contributing to their habitat restoration, and minimizing human disturbance in their breeding areas.

As a result of these conservation efforts, Freckled Duck populations have slightly increased, but they are still at risk due to the factors mentioned above. To reduce the threat to the species, it’s important that we increase public awareness about their vulnerability and educate people on the importance of environmental conservation. Volunteers can also help with monitoring and collecting data on the birds, and Cites (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) can provide further international protection.

In conclusion, Freckled Ducks are an important species both ecologically and culturally, and require greater protection if we are to prevent their extinction. We must continue to work together to protect these birds as well as their habitats to ensure that future generations can continue to enjoy their beauty and benefits as part of our diverse natural heritage.

Other names

Stictonetta naevosa



Freckled Duck

ànec pigat



pjegava utva

kachnovec vlnkovaný

Spættet And



Stictonette tachetée


Anatra lentigginosa


šlakuotoji antis




Крапчатая утка

Pirgava patka

vlnkavka zobatá

Pato pecoso

vattrad and

Benekli Kara Ördek



gyöngyös réce