Somali Ostrich (Struthio molybdophanes)

The Somali Ostrich Bird, also known as the blue-necked ostrich, is a native species commonly found in different parts of Africa. This bird belongs to the family of Struthionidae, the largest bird in the world that cannot fly.

The Somali Ostrich bird is one of the two species of the ostrich bird found in Africa and the Middle-East, alongside the common ostrich. The Somali Ostrich is unique because it has a pale-blue neck, a relatively small head, and a long neck. Adult Somali Ostrich males can weigh up to 250 pounds and reach a height of seven feet, while females weigh between 150 - 200 pounds and can grow up to six feet tall.

Somalia's ostrich bird is a ground-dwelling bird famous for their speed of around 68km/h, making them the fastest running bird. The ostrich's powerful legs have two toes used for running, and they can also use them for defense against predators. They usually use their long, powerful legs to kick predators in a fight. These birds have acute eyesight and hearing and also a well-developed sense of smell that helps them detect predators such as lions and hyenas, which often harm their eggs.

Somali Ostriches are primarily herbivorous, which means they feed on leaves, seeds, fruits, and flowers. They are also known to ingest stones to aid in the grinding of their food in their muscular stomachs.

Today, Somali Ostrich bird populations are under threat due to habitat loss and hunting for their meat, eggs, feathers, and skin. To protect the future of this magnificent bird, various conservation efforts have been put in place, such as creating protected areas, educating people about the importance of conservation, and promoting sustainable hunting practices.

In conclusion, the Somali Ostrich bird is a unique species that is majestic, beautiful, and valuable in the ecosystem. These birds are essential to the environment because they aid in seed dispersal and promote vegetation growth. Therefore, we must continue to protect and conserve them for the sake of future generations.

Other names

Struthio molybdophanes



Somali Ostrich

estruç de Somàlia



somalijski noj

pštros somálský


Somalische Struisvogel


Autruche de Somalie


Struzzo somalo



struś szaroskóry


Сомалийский страус

Somalijski noj

pštros sivonohý

Avestruz somalí


Somali Devekuşu

страус сомалійський

somaali jaanalind

szomáliai strucc