Mikado Pheasant (Syrmaticus mikado)

The Mikado Pheasant, also known as the Japanese pheasant, is a spectacular bird species found in the forests and woodlands of Japan. It is a member of the world-renowned pheasant family, Phasianidae, which also includes popular game birds such as the Ring-necked Pheasant and the Golden Pheasant.

The Mikado Pheasant is a striking bird with a distinctive plumage pattern. The males, which are larger and more colorful than females, have a deep blue-black plumage accentuated by striking silver-white stripes on the neck and wings. In addition, they have a prominent long tail of black and white feathers that extends behind them as they move through the dense forest undergrowth. The females, on the other hand, have a less conspicuous plumage of subtle brown and beige colors with black and white stripes.

The Mikado Pheasant is mainly herbivorous, and its diet comprises a variety of seeds, berries, and insects. During mating season, males perform impressive displays to attract females, raising their tail-feathers and strutting while making unique vocalizations. The females lay a clutch of around 10-12 eggs, and the male takes on the task of incubating the eggs until they hatch.

Sadly, the Mikado Pheasant is considered a vulnerable species due to habitat destruction and hunting for its meat and feathers. This has resulted in a decline in population numbers, and conservation efforts are being put in place to protect these stunning birds.

In conclusion, the Mikado Pheasant is a unique and beautiful species of bird found in the forests and woodlands of Japan. With its striking plumage, distinct mating displays, and role in Japanese cultural mythology, it is a fascinating species that deserves our attention and protection.

Other names

Syrmaticus mikado



Mikado Pheasant

faisà mikado



mrki fazan

bažant mikado




Faisan mikado


Fagiano mikado


japoninis fazanas


bażant tajwański


Пёстрый фазан т микадо

Tamnoplavi fazan

bažant čierny

Faisán mikado


Mikado Sülünü

мікадо тайванський