Tschudi's Nightjar (Systellura decussata)

Tschudi's Nightjar is a small, elusive bird endemic to Peru and Bolivia in South America. It was named after Johann Jakob von Tschudi, a Swiss naturalist who first discovered the species in the mid-nineteenth century. Tschudi's Nightjar belongs to the family Caprimulgidae, which is known for its nocturnal birds that are active at night and silent during the day.

The Tschudi's Nightjar is a relatively small bird, weighing between 20-30 grams, with a wingspan of approximately 25 centimeters. The bird has distinctive plumage, which is predominantly brown with white spots. Its head is round, and its eyes are large and positioned high on the skull, giving it excellent night vision. The bird's wings are short and pointed, while the tail is long and tapering.

Tschudi's Nightjar typically inhabits arid and semi-arid regions, including desert landscapes, where it forages for insects in the night. They have a preference for rocky terrain and can often be observed sitting motionless on the ground, perfectly camouflaged by their brown coloring and spots, waiting for prey to pass by. Unlike many other nightjars, Tschudi's Nightjar does not have distinctive calls to locate potential mates and instead relies on visual cues and wing clapping to attract females during the breeding season.

The breeding season for Tschudi's Nightjar is from September to December, and females lay one to two eggs in shallow depressions on the ground. The male assists in incubation and raises the young, which are born precocial, with the ability to move around and feed themselves soon after hatching.

Tschudi's Nightjar is classified as Near Threatened by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) due to habitat degradation and loss caused by mining, agriculture, and overgrazing. Its nocturnal habits and elusive nature make it challenging to study, and little research has been conducted on its population and ecology. Conservation efforts must be put in place to ensure the continued survival of this unique and fascinating bird species.

Other names

Systellura decussata



Tschudi's Nightjar

enganyapastors alabarrat petit



peruanski leganj


Tschudi's Nachtzwaluw

Engoulevent de Tschudi




lelkowiec ubogi


Атакамский козодой

Čudijev leganj

lelek suchomilný

Chotacabras ñañarca chico


Tschudi Çobanaldatanı

дрімлюга перуанський