Chubut Steamer Duck (Tachyeres leucocephalus)

The Chubut Steamer Duck is a unique bird that is found predominantly in Patagonia, South America. Scientifically known as Tachyeres leucocephalus, it is also known as the White-headed Steamer Duck, or Patagonian Steamer Duck.

The Chubut Steamer Duck belongs to the Anatidae family and is the largest duck in South America, weighing up to 3.5 kg and growing up to 75 cm in length. The duck has a distinctive appearance, characterized by a white head, black body, and prominent red eyes. Despite their large size, Chubut Steamer Ducks are flightless and are known for their terrestrial habits. They live in pairs or small flocks and are most frequently found near freshwater habitats such as streams, rivers, and lakes.

One of the interesting and unique features of the Chubut Steamer Duck is its ability to swim underwater. They have thick and powerful flippers used to propel themselves in the water while using their wings to change direction. The Chubut Steamer Duck feeds mainly on crustaceans, mollusks, and small fish, which they catch while diving underwater.

Due to their limited geographical range, Chubut Steamer Ducks face several threats, including habitat loss and hunting. However, the species is not globally threatened, and its population is stable. The Chubut Steamer Duck is a protected species in Argentina and Chile.

In the past, the Chubut Steamer Duck was hunted for its feathers, which were used to make pillows and clothing. Currently, the biggest threat to their population is habitat loss caused by the development of human settlements on their breeding grounds. However, conservation efforts have been implemented to protect the species, such as the establishment of protected areas or restricting fishing practices.

In conclusion, the Chubut Steamer Duck is a fascinating species that is an important part of the biodiversity of South America. It is a unique and interesting bird known for its underwater swimming abilities and striking appearance. While they face threats to their habitat, conservation efforts aim to protect this species to ensure their survival for years to come.

Other names

Tachyeres leucocephalus



Chubut Steamer Duck

ànec vapor capblanc



bjeloglava parobrotka

kachyně bělohlavá

Duck Chubutkæmpeand



Brassemer à tête blanche


Anatra vaporiera testabianca


baltagalvė žvynuotoji antis


torpedówka białogłowa


Белоголовая утка-пароход

Beloglava parobrodska patka

parníkovka bielohlavá

Pato vapor cabeciblanco

vithuvad ångbåtsand

Ak Başlı Forsa Ördeği

качка-пароплав світлоголова


fehérfejű gőzhajóréce